How To Drive On-Demand Transports In Australia

On-demand transport is basically the hire-based transportation services provided by the owners of the vehicles. It can be a cab service or a water truck, or simple truck service. However, driving such vehicles require an extensive amount of paperwork that includes legal formalities.

So if you are wondering about how to drive on-demand transport in Australia, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to overview the things that are needed to drive on-demand transport in terms of legality.

What Do You Mean By Drive On-Demand Transports?

Drive-on-demand transport basically means driving commercial vehicles to transport the goods of the customer or the customer from one place to another. These kinds of services include driving a bus, cab, taxi or even a truck.

To carry out the operations of commercial driving, one needs to have some legal authorisation of that place. The drivers usually render these services to their passengers in exchange for money or rewards.

Legal Requirements In Western Australia

There are two types of driver’s licence required for hire and reward services of transportation:

1. F (Charter) Extension:

A charter vehicle license is basically for a large vehicle such as buses. However, they work with other vehicles as well.

2. Extension T (Taxi)

If you have an Extension T licence, then you do not need to obtain the F (charter) extension. T (taxi) extensions are usually obtained by the taxi drivers who drive a car and take passengers on a hire or reward basis.

Legal Requirements In Northern Territory

Obtaining a license as a commercial passenger driver in Northern Territory is easy. You need to have an H endorsement on your driver’s licence of NT. The requirements for having a CPVID card are also similar.

Legal Requirements In Queensland

In Queensland, there are different types of authorisations in regard to driving a commercial vehicle. The three types of driver authorisations are:

  • General Driver Authorisation
  • Restricted Driver Authorisation
  • Taxi Driver Or Booked Hire Authorisation

Queensland has relatively strict laws when it comes to obtaining a driving licence. To have a licence in Queensland, the driver should not have any sort of criminal background.

Legal Requirements In New South Wales

To obtain a commercial driving licence in NSW, you need to apply for PTLC, also known as Passenger Transport Licence Code. To fulfil the requirements, you also need to have an unrestricted Australian driving licence along with proof of identity.

As for the bus drivers, they need to obtain a separate authorisation, and the age requirement for that authorisation is at least 20 years old.

Legal Requirements In Victoria

Commercial driving, such as transporting passengers, is known as CPV service in Victoria. To carry out such services, you need to have a Driver’s Accreditation. To drive a bus in Victoria, you must have a Driver Accreditation Certificate.

Bottom Line

When you are in the business of transporting dangerous goods from one place to another, you are required to have legal training for that. Thus, you need to sign-up for dangerous good licence training by TDT Training to obtain the licence.

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