Which 4WD Is Best For Mum?

Choosing a perfect 4WD that serves your status as well as your needs is a difficult task. When it comes to 4WD, people like brands that can enhance their status but at the same time has low maintenance. Therefore, finding the balance between these two factors is no joke.

On top of it, when you think about which 4WD will suit the new mom, it becomes all the more challenging. Not to mention, thinking about the tools of your 4WD is another whole story. So to make the selection process easier for you, ahead are some of the options that might work for a mum.

Ford Territory TS RWD

This one is quite popular among big families. Also an ideal pick for those who have so many kids in the family. Moreover, this one is childproof, so most of the time, children are unable to harm the interior of the car. It is suitable for moms as they can stack big shopping bags into the back of the car through its window. As for the safety, it contains airbags for both the front and the backside.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Although it’s not an ideal pick for women, the coolest mums will still like the design of this one. Also, this 4WD is quite popular among the masses because of its amazing jeep-like square cut. Moreover, it looks like a traditional car but has advanced technology as it has an in-dash navigation system, reversing camera, roof racks, and much more.


Alpha mums who like to follow the trends would definitely love this supermodel. Apart from its aesthetic design, it offers several handy features like a rear camera, a direction guide, and built-in navigation. Making it a suitable choice for busy moms. It is the best pick for busy women.

Volvo XC90

If safety is your topmost priority, then this one is for you. It provides safety in all aspects, which is suitable for moms that have just learned to drive. Also, with safety, it also offers a slight essence of style just with the adequate amount that’s best for women. It has attributes such as reverse parking sensors and a navigation system.

Land Rover Freelander 2

It’s not a usual pick for Melbournian mums. However, some mums may like this one, and that’s why we included it in the list for the people who have quite different tastes. It is a decent-looking car that has a powerful pickup. Although it gives a feel as if it’s made for men, some powerful women will like it. Also, it is spacious enough that you can carry accessories like ski gear or small rafting boats while going on a road trip.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best picks that women usually prefer. Remember that the design or popularity of a car doesn’t matter as long as your woman finds it attractive. Also, make sure that you select the one that you can maintain easily. After all, servicing the car is essential. For best services, you can contact the 4WD service center in Melbourne. They are very prompt in providing car services.

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