8 Ways To Craft An Incredible Granny Flat

When you invest in a property to make it valuable, you look for inexpensive ways to make it happen. However, it’s not easy to find a perfect balance between the two. You need to get a little creative only then can you achieve what you desire.

A similar thing happens when you think about installing a granny flat. Nowadays, they are trending because of their flexibility and the comfort they offer. Not to mention the privacy you get. So, are you thinking about wats to craft an incredible granny flat that will also increase the value of your house? If yes, then in this article, you will find 12 ways for it.

1. Utilise The Space

Land is something that is a precious asset that should be utilized optimally. If you have decided to install a granny flat, then you are already on it. There are various ideas to utilize the space, such as using full-length kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes, built-in shelves over the best, and roof cavities or lofts.

2. Make Things Easier With A Layout Model

Before proceeding with the design, you must know its drawbacks. And this can only be achieved if you make a layout model for the granny flat. This way, you can think about overcoming the shortcomings of the granny flat’s design.

3. Multi-Functional Space Is A New Normal

It is just an extended method of utilizing your space properly. Making the space multi-functional can add a lot of value as well as convenience to your property. You can build combined spaces such as combined rooms or a combined kitchen with a living area.

4. Lighting Is Vital

Make sure to use the lighting that compliments your interior. Also, it’s more about the feeling that you want to have. You can use bright lights for vibrant energy. Or you can opt for dimmer lights for calm and a peaceful environment.

5. Privacy Must Be The Goal

When you think about the layout of the granny flat, take note of the privacy you want. Most people install granny flats to have some privacy. So, select the designs accordingly.

6. Take The Outdoor Area Into Account

Know that whatever is just outside your granny flat is as important as whatever is inside it. So, if you do not have much outdoor space, then decorate it in a subtle way. On the other hand, if you have a large outdoor area, then you can make use of it by setting an outdoor shelf and a tea table there.

7. Cast An Illusion Of Spacious Area

If you want to make your small space look spacious, you can use things that can create an illusion of a large space. For instance, using white or light colors gives the illusion of a spacious area. You can also opt for a higher ceiling. Adding large mirrors can also cast the illusion of a spacious area.

8. Keep It Simple Yet Classy

While decorating your granny flat, make sure not to go overboard with the ideas. Too much of anything can ruin it. Try to keep it as simple as possible, as comfort is the priority when it’s about decorating your home.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the innovative ideas that can add a significant change to the interior of your granny flat. Also, if you are looking for some amazing granny flats, then you should check out portable granny flats by Todd Devine Homes.

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