A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Keeping Chickens

If you want to start living green, then keeping chickens should be your first step towards it. Not to mention they provide you with a rich life of food as you get an endless supply of eggs. The whole process of keeping chickens is easy. However, it can quickly become tiring if you do not know anything about keeping chickens. So, if you are a beginner at this, then do not worry. This article has everything that you need to know about keeping chickens. 

First Thing’s First- The Legal Requirements

Each state in Australia will allow you to keep chickens, given you follow their minimum requirements. Their requirements generally concern the number of chickens you can keep and their coop requirement. Simply put, they will offer you a set of rules to follow to keep your chickens in a healthy condition. However, each state may have a slightly varied set of rules, so make sure to check for that. 

Chicken’s Coop

After you have purchased your flock, you may need a coop to keep them in. The size of the coop depends on the number of chickens you have. If you are keeping your chickens in the backyard, then make sure to select the coop that can protect them from the harsh environment. Your chicken can endure cold weather, but it is the piercing sunlight from which it may need protection.

Adequate Ventilation

Chicken waste usually has a large amount of ammonia. And too much of it can pose a threat to their respiratory system. Thus, make sure the coop you have selected has an adequate amount of ventilation.

Preserve The Coop To Make It Long Lasting

You can preserve the coop by painting it to make it long-lasting. After all, once your chicken grows up, it may peck on the inside of the coop. Make sure to use animal-friendly paint. Also, leave it for a day or two to dry out. Put the chicken inside the coop once it’s completely dried out. You can also find some durable chicken coops for sale here.

Bedding & Food For The Chickens

Wastage such as dust extracted wood-shaving, straws and grass can make comfortable bedding for your chicken. You can use anything that is soft and resemble the material of a nest can work for your chicken. Chickens drink plain water and eat chicken feed & shell grit.  

Access To Fresh Air And Sunshine

To grow big and healthy, it’s important to keep your chickens where they can have access to sunshine and fresh air. Also, secure the area in your backyard or garden and make it a place for chickens where they can do the chicken run.

Secure The Parameter

There are other big animals out there. Therefore, to keep the chickens safe, secure the area with a fence or something similar to it so that animals like cats or dogs can’t enter the open area of your house where you keep your chicken.

Lock Them At Night

Chickens do not have night vision. Therefore when it’s dark, they can’t see. That is why it’s important to lock them in their coop or in a place where you have decided to keep them safe.

Bottom Line

Surely there are other things that you may need to take care of but those things you will learn along the way while looking after your chicken. Until then, these are the key factors that can help you get started.

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