Strategies to Protect Against Jobsite Theft

Job site theft can be of varying nature ranging from stealing small equipment such as stationary or stealing large sums of money and machinery. Job site theft can be a constant headache for employers and they need to be particularly wary of this. This most commonly occurs in construction sites that use large and small equipment and in small businesses like grocery stores or more.

The loss of such equipment can lead to slow production and high needs of replacement which not only wastes time but also lots of money in the process for example if you are building a new house, it can delay the construction. This then leads to unpredictability in work which hurts the company’s prestige overall, regardless of whether the crime is committed by those outside the company or within the company.

This is why we have decided to give you a few strategies and tips on how you can prevent job theft in your workplace and keep it under control.  You can see MA services who are leading the way in this.

  1. Traditional Approach

Like many employers to prevent job site theft, you can opt for a more traditional approach which would be to install high technology gadgets all over the workplace which will help in the identification of the thief. This includes cameras, lasers, security guards, metal detectors, and much more. You can also opt for bag checking on the entrance and exit points which is what most companies do when it comes to actual physical stealing.

  • Keep a tight inventory

The best way to prevent such an occurrence is by keeping a very tight inventory and making sure everything is counted and looked after. When someone wants to take a piece of specific equipment for their use, they need to log it in in a journal or computer, so you can keep a track or record of what has been taken and who took it. By doing this you train your employee’s minds that theft in such a situation is not possible.

  • Training and incentives

Research shows that training your team to prevent job site theft will help reduce job-site theft. Alongside preventative measures giving proper training and showing the team ways to help prevent theft can also be beneficial for your company. This way the employees feel a responsibility towards the equipment and keeping it safe. Incentives can also be an excellent way of keeping your employees away from job-site theft instances. You can provide incentives for recovering stolen items or provide incentives for keeping the equipment safe.

  • Branding or personalization

Another excellent way of protecting your tools is by branding or personalizing the tools in some way. By adding logos onto their handles or painting them a special color perhaps. This will reduce the chances of stealing as they will easily be recognized. Secondly, it will also increase their recognition so if they are lost, they will be returned to your company.

By using these few strategies, you can reduce workplace theft and reduce the loss of equipment. Also, these strategies will increase awareness within your employees about keeping equipment safe and with caution.

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