What You Need to Know About the Many Uses of Water Trucks

Choosing a vehicle is a hectic and challenging task. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a 4WD luxury car or a water truck for your business. The overwhelming information available online can confuse you to the core.

Today we are going to discuss TTi water trucks and their uses. So, if you are thinking of investing in a water truck for your next business venture, you can proceed by all means. But first, you should check out the uses of water trucks in this blog.

1.   Dust Control

Dust is a natural element that can interrupt the extensive process of construction. Working on a dusty work site has several drawbacks, from causing harm to workers’ health to delaying the construction process. In the worst-case scenario, dust can cause respiratory problems, eye infections etc. Water trucks that have the capacity of 2000-4000 litres are used to tame the dust down in the ground by wetting it.

2.   Fire Control

The safety and security of individuals should always be the topmost priority, whether you are at home or work. However, some incidents can quickly fall out of your control and cause massive outbreaks. Likewise, in the case of bushfires or fires in general, the fire can start from a very insignificant incident and transform into a huge threat to the life of the people. In difficult situations like these, only water trucks can help control the fire. Firefighters use large water trucks to fight and control fires.

3.   Soil Compaction

When buildings are being constructed, they need a smooth base for a robust foundation. Water trucks are used to even out the soil on construction sites. Workers also use heavy equipment such as rollers and vibratory plates to perform this process effectively.

4.   Farming & Irrigation

One of the most traditional uses of water trucks is their application in farming and irrigation. Government bodies that are in charge of natural calamities use water trucks to carry rainwater in drought-stricken lands. With this transportation of large water supplies, water trucks provide nutrients to dehydrated crops.

5.   Transporting Water

In emergencies, water trucks provide water in areas that fall victim to water scarcity. Water trucks are also valuable for transporting water to construction sites, military fields etc. These trucks can also move other liquid contents such as oil and petrol.


Water is a life source for humans, so its need will never end. Apart from drinking, it is used in farming which is essential for us to have food. It is an efficient tool to fight against natural elements, such as fire, that can’t be controlled. You can also carry other liquid contents in your water truck. We hope that this blog has helped you in making a conscious decision about investing in a water truck. If you have decided to invest, then you must check out the water carrier truck by TTi Water Trucks.

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