Things To Think About When Adding A Second Story To Your House

The best alternative for expanding your home‘s area other than buying an extra piece of land is to add a story. Adding a story is cost-effective and good for doubling your current space. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds.

Installing an extra story in your house is not a hassle-free task. You will need to constantly monitor the workers to see whether everything is on point or not. Apart from this, there are a few factors that you must consider before signing yourself up for it. If you are curious to know about them, then keep on reading further.

Cost Factors

Although it’s cost-effective if you compare it to the option of buying a piece of land and then constructing ahome, building an additional story does cost a lot of money. Therefore, you need to consider the things like whether your current building is strong enough to hold the weight of a story. If not, then you will need to implement things to have a robust foundation. Besides, you should also consider that during the construction period, you might need to stay somewhere else.

Find A Trusted Builder

Finding a good builder can be challenging as everyone is in the market to do business. They will give you professional advice that might seem rude to you. Also, sometimes builders can mess up the work and then blame you for not paying well. Therefore, finding a trusted builder is essential.

You Want To Cover The Whole Space Or Partial

While covering the partial area while adding a tory can be good for ventilation, many people consider it a waste of space. Also, it greatly depends on everyone’s personal choices and likes. Before sitting down with your builder, it’s important to have this talk with your family.

Duration Of Construction

When you discuss building a story with your contractor, make sure to draft the time of duration in your contract so that they won’t delay the construction. Moreover, some might provide you with extra labor to complete the work on time if your choose to pay extra for it.

Hire A Professional

Make sure to give this task to someone who has the standard professional qualifications to do it. Another important thing is to do a background check on the firm that you choose. Doing so will provide you insight into their work and the techniques they employ.

If you are looking for an experienced professional, then you can contact Second Storey Extension Builders – Cameron Construction. They are reliable and deliver their services on time.


Deciding on adding a second story to your home is a big thing. Therefore, keeping in mind the things mentioned in this blog will help you in the long run. After all, it is not every day that you decide to add a story. Thus, not knowing several aspects is quite normal. But it’s all the more reason to hire a trusted professional to do the job. 

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