How to Choose the Best Wall Clock for Your Living Room


A well-designed interior can transform an ordinary area into one with beauty and a romantic atmosphere. Walls with large spaces can be challenging to fill in when matching your desired style. You can find the best wall clocks in Australia from Wesco Hub can be the perfect solution and the perfect alternative to pictures and paintings. They are also functional and are one of the best Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget trends and a complementing accessory in your house.

Today, there is an array of stunning contemporary wall clocks to enhance your interior design. The latest trends are modern lines that appeal to the industrialist and blonde timber tones that appeal to minimalists who love the Scandinavian vibe. But, to make sure you’re selecting the right timepiece for the wall in your space, you must consider some fundamentals when making your choice.

In which space will your timepiece be installed?

The style and appearance of the clock you pick will be contingent heavily on where you plan to place the clock. If you’re looking for an indoor wall clock for your child’s bedroom, choose a lively and fun way to liven up the wall. Select vibrant and fun colours that pop and can boost the room’s overall mood, providing an engaging and stimulating educational instrument to your kid. Your kitchen, on the other hand, could require a subtle approach. A minimalist and clean style with the possibility of some variations in the kitchen and only a touch of colour.

Which size of wall clock is best?

The size you choose for the timepiece will depend on the size of your wall and the kind of style you want to create. The delicate accents that can enhance the overall appearance of your space are possible by using more miniature, more refined wall clocks. If you’re looking for statement items that contribute to your design, a large-scale watch with a texture, colours or pattern will give the most impact.

What color should we choose?

Colour can be a fantastic method to bring brightness to a dull area. Adding a wall clock with an attractive colour palette will enhance your home’s visual appearance. The contrast of patterns and colours is totally trendy. Limes with a sharp edge and earthy tones with chill red are expected to be some of the most sought-after hues this year.

What is the best place to put on your clock?

According to most interior designers, they should be positioned at eye level or above. While it is a beautiful feature to add to your interior, the clock is a practical aspect too. You must be able to see the time quickly and without any obstruction. There are a variety of large wall clocks on the market, and the possibility of mounting them high on your wall is an option that can make your room a more fantastic appearance. When mounting your watch, you must be sure to leave a minimum of 9 inches between the ceiling and the timepiece, which gives it a beautifully curated design on your wall.


Follow these guidelines to pick the perfect way to decorate your house. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is choosing a clock from all the fantastic styles available in the market. One of the most essential aspects of choosing the best one is to select an item you’re comfortable seeing every day as you’ll be looking at it constantly!

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