Upcoming Adelaide Home Design Awards 2019

Aaron Martin Construction is a custom home building firm in Adelaide Hills. In the year 2017, the firm entered into two important business categories in the very popular HIA housing awards. Interestingly, the company won the awards. These awards are a symbol of the firm’s passion for building and designing beautiful homes for people residing in Adelaide Hills. The award is a testament to the company’s integrity. The company has set up an innovative culture and internal process which plays a part in supporting customers by meeting their construction needs. Everyone wants their house to be the best looking house. Aaron Martin Construction is the home builders at Adelaide Hill who play a vital role in constructing your dream house.

Aaron Martin Construction maintains a trusting and transparent relationship with its employees, owners and all related parties. As a part of fulfilling their social responsibilities, they give priority to local employment and assist various local communities. They also play a part in spreading awareness of environment-friendly activities. With the increasing involvement of social media, they put light on the economic multiplier effect of the build on the community.

At the Australian Housing Awards, the winners and finalists are provided with a chance to promote themselves as a regional leader along with their businesses receiving immense media promotion.


If you are a recipient of this award, using the following ways you can maximize the benefits you receive.

Media coverage

The winners become a part of the company’s various publications such as the online newsletter and building news.


You can make your award prominent by mentioning them on the web by either featuring them on your own website or mentioning the award winning logo on the directory of HIA members’ directory.

Logos in Branding

The logo of the award can be placed on all your advertisements and other marketing tools. There are some guidelines that need to be followed in this case. Keeping the guidelines in mind they can also be used in branding your business vehicles and business cards.


Plaques are given to the award winners which can be placed on their premises as a remembrance of the milestone. The winner might have more than one office in which case they can reorder the plaques for the other locations or for their own house.


The winners also become a part of the media coverage of HIA.


Specialists in building stylish houses, the Aaron Martin Construction is a custom building expert of the Adelaide Hills.

AMC takes full responsibility for building the homes of their clients. They work in accordance with the client needs and requests. Every step is personalised so that the house is perfect for the client.

The AMC constantly stays in touch with their clients until the project is completed and the clients are fully satisfied. 

The building of a house is an important milestone in everybody’s life. At AMC, they make sure that this process and event is less stressful and more exciting. For this, Aaron and Susie having great expertise and skills will remain in contact with their clients from the initiation process till the follow-ups. 

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