How to Pull Off the Rustic Wedding Theme

Nowadays, rustic weddings are becoming extremely common due to the fact that rustic weddings are natural, romantic, sophisticated, down to earth, and relaxed as compared to vintage or traditional weddings. Rustic weddings are celebrated outdoors at venues that are quiet, calm, and beautiful. Some of the places that can be chosen as a venue for a rustic wedding theme are farms, mountains, barns or ranches. The rustic décor includes casual and simple elements like wood, fresh flowers, a vase of flowers, fruit basket or fruit trees, glass jars or mason jars. Rustic weddings are the best way to make your day even more memorable. However, a number of people are unfamiliar with pulling off the rustic wedding theme. Given below are some important things to keep in mind while planning a rustic wedding:

Choosing a Great Venue

First thing that must be done carefully while pulling off a rustic wedding theme is to choose a great venue. In Australia, there are many rustic wedding venues. Rustic wedding venues in Victoria are the best options to consider. The menu, lightning, décor and almost every single thing of rustic wedding venues in Victoria make the idea of pulling of such a wedding theme successful.

Choosing Nice Décor Items

While deciding a rustic wedding, the décor must be of prime importance. As discussed above, you should concentrate on natural decor items like flowers – roses, tulips, sunflowers, wildflowers, a vase of different flowers. Using simple and casual items like mason jars, white net curtains, props and light wood gives your whole rustic theme a beautiful look. Chandeliers are a must décor item for rustic weddings as they lighten up the venue and look mesmerising. 

Choosing a Simple Food Menu

For rustic themes, wedding food must also be simple. Go for home-cooked food that is healthy, delicious, and complements the theme well. If you cannot go for home-cooked food, then look for caterers that can provide you with the best, simple and healthy food at a reasonable price. Choose food items like hotdogs, fries, cupcakes, and salads. Be careful while deciding the menu of a rustic wedding as the food items that do not go with the theme can destroy your whole wedding.

Choosing a Relaxed Dress Style

For a rustic wedding, the dress of the bride, groom as well as of the guests invited must be simple, casual, and relaxed so that they can enjoy the wedding to the fullest. An appropriate wedding dress for the groom is a black or white suit with a bowtie and the bride can go for a relaxed and light-coloured gown complemented with a bouquet of flowers. Colour combos must be given prime importance too. Faint and dull colours are preferred over brighter colours. Some of the colour combinations that can be opted for a rustic wedding are bronze, tea rose, light pink, white, grey, lavender, etc.

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