How to Add Value to Your Home through Your Kitchen Renovation

For many, the kitchen is the cosiest room of the house. It a place where the family gets together to cook, eat and bond. The scrumptious smells add to the charm. Most homes have either an open or closed kitchen. No matter how big or small it is, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house.

While buying houses, families tend to check out the bathrooms and kitchen first. So, it is natural that a good kitchen would increase the value of a property. A remodelled, modern kitchen can increase the appeal of a house. Everyone wants a nice looking, spacious kitchen to prepare their meals in. So, we recommend that you redo your kitchen if you plan on selling your house. You can increase the value of your home by spending a little on your kitchen. Even if you want to keep it, remodelling your kitchen will immediately uplift the look of your home and make you feel good about it.


When you plan on remodelling your kitchen, the first question you ask is where do I start? There is just so much in that small room. You have to keep everything in mind while renovating it. From the plumbing to the splash back, from the tiles to the sink, everything will be changed. But in what order?

  1. Start with The Plumbing: The plumbing goes inside the walls. This is why we suggest you work on the plumbing first. If your house is very old, this is a good chance you will need to fix the kitchen plumbing as it tends to depreciate over time and leaks appear in the pipes, ruining the walls. If your house is fairly new, then there is no need to renew the plumbing.
  2. Wiring: A lot of appliances are used in the kitchen, including expensive ones like a microwave and fridge. The wiring is important because old, faulty wiring can ruin appliances, and cause house fires. Install circuit breakers if there weren’t installed before and make sure all the plugs are safe.
  3. Walls: After the plumbing and wiring is done, you can focus on rebuilding the walls. Decide on whether you want tiles, wallpaper, or bricks. The colour of your kitchen walls can really uplift it and make it look spacious. Choose wisely and get to work. The cabinets and shelves are very important. Storage area around the kitchen is a necessity, so focus on making nice racks and ample cabinets.
  4. Floors: In the end, do the floor. If you do it before anything else, it will just end up getting ruined. Decide on whether you want to go for a wooden look, vinyl finish, or tiles. Make sure the floor goes with the overall theme of the kitchen. Ceramic tiles usually last longer than other flooring options.

After remodelling, not only will the value, but the overall look of your home will also increase manifolds. You would want to spend most of your time in the kitchen instead of anywhere else in the house.

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