How to Find a Good Builder for Custom Homes

Custom construction of your house have a lots of benefits. Here are the ones that come at the top of the head, but for sure there are many more;

  • Privacy,
  • budget versatility,
  • material quality,
  • complete customization,
  • low prices
  • ability to maximize your lot according to your needs

To do that you need the help of a licensed homebuilder because you are starting from scratch, which sometimes may seem more difficult, but the results will be much more according to your taste and needs.

You can also learn more about the amazing benefits of building a transportable home, if that is the type of house you are looking to create for you.

You would inspect a house before buying it, and decide that it is exactly what you want. You are putting your savings, your hopes and your dreams in it, right? The same thing happens when you are on the lookout for a home builder. You want it to be the best. Take a look at John Doulgeridis on LinkedIn whether you’re looking for an apartment, townhouse, penthouse, etc..

When to choose your builder

The first thing to do is to hire an architect. Once you have one, you can start choosing your builder.

Some people do it in the opposite order, but bringing a professional on board at the beginning of the design process ensures that the target budget and the design of the house remain synchronized during the time of construction.

Benefits of a homebuilder

In addition, a homebuilder company has many functions that allows you to be stress free during the construction. A homebuilder:

  • Keep plan development on schedule
  • Mitigate potential constructability issues
  • Provide unique design ideas collaborating closely with an architect
  • Produce initial estimate based price budget on preliminary design
  • Provide construction insight & expertise, that is very valuable, especially if it is your first house
  • Offer value-engineering options
  • Offer cost-saving options
  • Suggest high-performance home specifications

Dig deep in your research

The options may be so many at the beginning and can be so difficult to choose. What you need to do it’s to narrow the options up to two or three top. You want to do this by doing extensive online research and contacting them through website or phone. First impressions matter a lot; trust your gut and don’t settle for the first option.

Interview your top 2-3 choices

It will be time consuming, we know. Nevertheless, it is also the most important aspect of the process. You can set up a face-to-face meeting with builders and ask to see their work. Not only on paper or computer projects, but also on site with them.

The face-to-face meeting will allow you to assess many aspects of the situation like:

  • Effectiveness, organization and transparency of their systems and processes
  • Strength of their team
  • Communication style and personality of the builder and their team
  • Relevant experience

Shop for Quality and Value

Builder sponsored open houses and home shows are, for a fact, great places to look at houses. The home models on display at home shows are often decorated to inspire you. You make take some ideas or decide to do it your own way. You can also request to see a house without furniture if you don’t want to be influenced.

Explore everything: cabinets, flooring, distribution and paint for consistency.

Don’t be shy: ask a lot of questions to the contractor or developer representative. Gather as much information as possible. Take notes to remember everything.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Home Builder

Finding the right builder can mean the difference between living a dream and living in a nightmare. Choose wisely following our tips.

Here what to look for summarized:

  • extensive industry experience,
  • a smooth construction process,
  • outstanding construction management skills,
  • proven relationships with reputable subcontractors

Hope you can find the right homebuilder soon to achieve all your house goals!

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