Retirement Locations in Australia

The place you choose to live after your retirement is as important as how you would want to live. Today, most people are choosing to spend their retirement in the retirement popular retirement villages. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, most people are now retiring later than they had originally planned. To help you benefit more in your retirement, we have identified a few havens in Australia for retirees. If you have worked hard for a longer time than originally expected, they are worth your consideration. Here they are.

Echuka, Victoria

Situated 214 Km to the North of Melbourne on Murray River’s banks, Echuka has a population of 14,000 people a fact that makes it a good choice for people who need a quiet retirement home. Echuka is one of Murray’s points that are very close to Melbourne – that might be the reason it started as a river port in the early 19th century. Even though it does not have pristine coastline destinations, the vibrant culture and community spirit makes it a great destination for retirees. It has a wider variety of cafes and restaurants.  

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The Sunshine Coast starts around 100 Kilometres north of Brisbane. It offers some of the most popular tourist destinations like Mooloolaba, Noosa, Coolum, Caloundra, and Maroochydore. The location is a blend of peaceful and quiet locations and is closer to Brisbane – that should sound good for people who would like to make a few trips from time to time to visit their family and friends. Sunshine Coast offers many national parks than the other regions in Queensland and its climate is the most ideal. You might need to click here for retirement villages in Southern Adelaide.

Huon Valley, Tasmania

If you would want to live in Tasmania, the Huon Valley, situated near Hobart is a great consideration. The location is widely known for seafood, wine, and natural beauties. If you are capable of getting past the cool climate, the secluded area is a good retirement spot. The area has gorgeous weather and gets around 300 days of sunshine. Moreover, Huon Valley is home to many talented craft makers, artists, and farmers who sell their farm yields at the regular markets.

Tweeted Heads, New South Wales

One of the popular retirement locations in Australia is the Tweeted Heads situated on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. People call it the “the town, which changes time zones”, because of its closeness to the border. When living in the retirement location, you are likely to celebrate each New Year twice – you will just need to cross the street. It is currently the sixth highly populated town in the New South Wales and the age averages at 54 years – that is 17 years above the country’s average. That might be due to the higher density of the retirees who populate the peaceful and beautiful region.


If you would want to live in an agricultural town, Yankalilla (situated around 72 kilometres South of Adelaide) would make a perfect choice. The small town and a home for many retirees are located in a valley carved by Bungala River. Natural vegetation characterizes this location, which experiences a Mediterranean climate, with the low temperatures averaging at 17 degrees. It has a population of 450 people.

We hope that the above locations will provide you with a good starting point when planning to settle after retirement. Each state in Australia has a good location for the retirees.

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