Planning a wedding in Adelaide? Say no more

Each season is a good time for a wedding, but the available statistics show that most people prefer summer weddings.

From the summer colour themes, fun to the lovely receptions under the stars, you will definitely get numerous planning ideas all over the internet. Here are the top five tips to consider when planning your wedding in Adelaide.

–          Choose the right venue

Selection of the reception venue is the first test. The venue will set the feeling for the wedding day, in regards to style, atmosphere, and mood. It will also be a determining factor for the amount you will spend. If you love wineries and wine, a winery wedding will be a good option. However, remember that not everyone will like them. You have to go to a venue that will be ideal for everyone. Ensure that everyone will feel comfortable in the place you choose.

–          Comfort should come first

When planning for an outdoor wedding, you should consider the weather condition first, or specifically the temperature. The bride and her bridesmaids should opt for light fabrics that can allow the circulation of air. Linen suits are a good choice for the groom and the groomsmen. Allow the guests to forgo the long dresses and hot suits with the more semi-formal attires. That way, everyone will remain comfortable until the ceremony and the ensuing festivities ends. Dress hire in Adelaide is always a good choice if you want to spend less.

–          Consider the summer aesthetics

Summer weddings are all about the bright colours and incorporating them in your celebration is the best idea. Instead of sticking to the traditional muted tones, which people associate with weddings, try to play with them. Blues, pinks, greens, and yellows are good colours when it comes to summer wedding décor and will pop in the photos of your ceremony.

–          Do not go heavy

People are more likely to remember the food served at the summer wedding and it is therefore among the vital decisions for the groom and bride to make. You will have to deal with the pressure of selecting menus that will accommodate the dietary preferences and food allergies of your guests, and one that can reflect the bride and groom’s personality and stick to a budget. Stick to light fair to prevent the chances of your guests dancing sluggishly. Avoid pasta and red meat. Go for chicken, fish and the cold pasta dishes.

–          Blend it

Nothing is more refreshing in a hot summer wedding than a daiquiri or frozen margarita. When stocking the open bar, consider the possibility of frozen drinks for the guests. Apart from keeping your guests cool, the drinks will add a more summer feel to the celebration.

–          Go for heat-resistant blooms

For your summer wedding planning to be complete, you will have to opt for the heat-resistant blooms in Adelaide that will not wilt easily in the high temperatures. Trendy succulents are a good consideration because they will withstand the steamiest wedding days. Moreover, hydrangeas will definitely wither in high temperatures while fluffy flowers such as sunflowers and gardens roses and tropical blooms such as orchids, calla lilies will withstand the warm weather.

And because you would never ask your guests to remain standing throughout in the sun, you have to keep the time between the wedding ceremony and the reception as short as possible. Reduce the time without shades and plan the wedding to start at the coolest point of the day, such as evening reception or sunset ceremony.

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