Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture In Australia

Outdoor furniture is a great way to decorate your home, especially your exterior space. However, outdoor furniture is not something you can set and forget. As these pieces of furniture are always outside the home, you need to ensure proper care for them. Here are quick tips to help you out:

1. Choose The Right Material

The care begins right when you decide on the material. For outdoor furniture, wood and metal are the best options. Wood is natural and long-lasting if you provide it with proper cover. Similarly, metal furniture is heavy-duty and will last for years to come.

2. Shades, Cover, And More

A great way to care for your outdoor furniture in Australia is by offering them shade. It could be shaded roofs or covers. You could have patio tents and other similar additions to your backyard. If you have a garden, you can apply a similar tactic. If not, then you can invest in covers for your outdoor furniture. When not in use, covers can protect your furniture.

3. Seasonal Requirements

If you’re investing in covers, make sure to get waterproof ones. It is not possible for you to constantly move the furniture inside – what if you don’t have enough space? Investing in waterproof covers for outdoor furniture is the right choice, as it will keep furniture from being damaged by rain.

4. Cleaning Requirements

If you buy outdoor furniture in Australia from credible dealers, you won’t have to worry about maintenance too much. For wooden furniture, you could clean it once every week (or once every three days). That will keep your wooden furniture clean.

For metal furniture, you can let it go longer without cleaning. However, it is a good practice to use a water hose or clean the metal furniture from time to time. If you use cushions, don’t get them wet.

5. Polishing And Other Essentials

A polished look will give a lift to any outdoor furniture – you should have furniture polish, wood polish and wood oil on hand. You can use wood oil on the wooden furniture to clean it and provide it with that long-lasting gloss. Wood polish will be helpful whenever you have scratches and other low-scale damage on wood.

Furniture polish is excellent for creating a protective layer, like wax, and more. It could have properties like insect repellant and waterproofing agents. It will help your furniture last longer. As for metal furniture, make sure that the paint isn’t chipped or worn out. Using high-quality paint will help with this. 

6. For Cushions And Other Soft Furnishings

As for the soft part, like cushions and such, make sure to flip them occasionally. Don’t have the same side of the cushions exposed to the sun – any colour will fade quickly. Similarly, try to dust them from time to time or use covers to protect them. During the rainy season, you could store the cushions inside.

The Bottom Line

Remember that high-quality outdoor furniture is a good addition to any home. As long as you have quality assurance and guarantee, you don’t have to worry too much. Still, we hope that these tips help you make your furniture last for years to come. 

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