What Gandhi would say about Tree Lopping

Tree topping or lopping is seen as an offence in many societies. It is the indiscriminate cutting of trees and their branches, without thinking of the consequences to the environment.

There is a widespread belief that after a storm, or flooding, trees are a common hazard and need cutting down. This may be against the theories and ideas of nature conservation. Only authorized tree lopping in Adelaide SA should be used.

In general tree lopping can make the roots weaker, making the soil infertile as the worst damage. When the roots are not able to harness nutrients from the soils, a tree may eventually be not able to survive. Although some species of tree might recover from this, the practice will involve re-lopping the tree on various occasions during its life.

The leader of India before it got independence, Mahatma Gandhi was a deep ecologist and had views of a naturalist for sure. He was in favour of planting trees and providing the world with a green living space that humans can enjoy. As per his theory of ecology and conservation, trees shouldn’t be cut or destroyed to serve human needs and protection. Although the economic growth in those time did not involve cutting down forests to make way for high rise residential complexes and mass producing industrialization, there is a visible trend in his quotes that show the world needs needed plantation as an emotion of happiness, and support towards a clean environment.

During his time, Gandhi was seen planting trees in a host of universities and colleges across India. The plantations still there in some places, echo his thoughts of why plantation can lead to a better life. The need to help plants and tree grow is a human endeavour in itself. As per Gandhi, because nature is a gift from God to humans it is meant to be preserved and kept in the most pristine form possible. Moreover, even if tree lopping was ever allowed, it should not be done in a matter that it damages the trees for the benefit of human safety. Gandhi believed that it is a common right for all things in nature, including humans and trees to grow at their own natural pattern, helping everyone blossom for the common good. Hence, saving the environment or the trees is equivalent to saving humans itself. 

Tree lopping as mentioned is against laws, and cutting of trees and branches without taking into account their growth patterns, and its effect on the environment can be highly devastating. For sure if Gandhi had lived, tree lopping might not have been allowed still, and there may be a need to find a better way to cut trees and their branches.

Many consider the current drought crisis in Australia a reason because of lopping. Farmers affected near the Queensland and the New South Wales are seen as the most affected, with record high temperatures and dry weather casting doubts on the climate and weather systems we have. Tree loppers should be cautious and avoid using myths as a pretext to cut trees.

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