From Cavities to Crowns: A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Treatments

Aesthetics is a new tradition in today’s era where everything is required as it is in its original shape or made to look its best. Smiling is something that is noticed by everyone and has a lot of impact on people. The facial expression shows confidence which makes the smile of paramount nature.

Only some people are aware of what procedure takes place to have the perfect smile. If you have any dental deformity in the early stages it can be cured simply, but if the situation is critical, it might require extreme measures to get the job done. Here is a complete beginner’s guide on dental treatments and how they work, and in what conditions you should opt for which treatment.

Why Do Cavities happen?

When you don’t clean your teeth properly, and food starts to get stuck in certain places, that gives rise to the formation of bacteria, resulting in tooth decay. Bacteria slowly corrodes away the hard part of the tooth, making a hole which is also called cavities.

When Are Dental Implants Opted For?

When a cavity or tooth decay gets too severe, it reaches the root canal, meaning it’s a point of no return. At that point, it is suggested to have a total dental implant. Dental implants have a good life of 10 to 30 years making them a safe option to opt for, and the dentist uses safe measures so that it stays in place without any error while in function.

Dental Fillings

Dental filling is done when there is an integral change in the structure of the tooth or teeth. It happens mainly due to tooth decay, wear or trauma. After the improper tooth structure is removed, the tooth or teeth is filled with substances like amalgam, gold, composite resin or porcelain. Each filling substance has its advantages and disadvantages; your doctor will see which will suit you the best and work with it.


Bonding is one when you break your teeth/tooth, and it’s possible to glue it back together. It has a certain condition that your tooth didn’t break in fragments. Otherwise, it can’t be glued back together. Chipped or cracked teeth are fixed using enamel to make the crack or chip invisible.

Dental Crown

The dental crown procedure is done to treat extensively decayed teeth. Dental crowns can be made out of different materials, such as gold, porcelain, and metal. But sometimes, making the dental crown from a mixture of different materials is preferred to suit the condition and give a long-lasting treatment. Given the cost of elements, this is a good idea for a budget to choose from.

Laser Procedure

In minor or specific cases, lasers can be used to perform multiple tasks. Such as whitening of teeth, bonding, removing tooth decay, replacing scaling, and enhancing tooth whitening can also be used to treat some forms of sleep apnea. Dental lasers can replace the use of invasive dental equipment for better treatment.  


There are different procedures for different situations. Dentists who have been working for a long time have experience in which option would be best suited in which condition; check out the dental clinic in Malvern for their outstanding work.


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