Award-Winning Home Building Designs 2019

It does not matter whether a home is big or small, located in a city or village, the design selected for the home must be appropriate. The interior and exterior of the house must be in sync. Nowadays, many home builders are designing homes in an efficient and effective way. Given below are some award-winning home building designs of 2019 that were loved by people:

TreeHouse Inspired Home Design

Treehouse inspired homes are trending these days. Today, many builders are building treehouse inspired homes in an aesthetic manner. Treehouse inspired homes are heaven to live in. Treehouse inspired homes are close to nature, relaxing, and peaceful. They mostly have a wooden floor, single bedroom, small terrace and an open kitchen.

Modern Villas

Home designed as modern villas is gaining popularity, which is why they are an award-winning home building design 2019. You can get your home designed as a modern villa by contacting any efficient house builder like http://hotondo.com.au. Homes designed as modern villas are big enough and have four to six bedrooms, vast glass that frame views of the landscape, beautiful interior, relaxing pool, and entertaining terrace.

Penthouses or Apartments

Penthouses or apartments are also an award-winning home building design 2019. A penthouse has luxury features and is constructed on the roof of a plaza or mall. A penthouse has a lobby, glass curtain, wooden walls, and custom-designed furniture. Penthouses are the best option to live in for couples, a bachelor, or a small family. Though penthouses are small, they are peaceful, beautiful, and have an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

Stack House

In a stack house home building design, rotation and position of each room create a shape that looks like a stack of boxes. In stack houses, the living den, kitchen, dining area, and other rooms are arranged in order to form a grid of rooms that looks like a stack. A stack house can be single-story, double story or triple story. A stack house is comparatively bigger then penthouses. You can contact any builder to design your home as a stacked house. Stack shaped houses were really appreciated in 2018 and are also a favourite in 2019.

Bungalow House

The last and most appreciated award-winning home building design for 2019 is a bungalow house. A bungalow is mostly a small single-story house, cottage or cabin. However, a bungalow house can also be extremely spacious and big. A bungalow is mostly surrounded by wide verandas or porch. Bungalows have sliding roofs that make them look even more attractive and spacious. So if you want to make your home look spacious as well as attractive and your land is not that big enough, you can go for a bungalow designed home.

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