10 Tools Every Home Owner Should Own

If you have just bought a house of your own or are contemplating on the idea of building the home from scratch, then it is essential that you own a few tools. You never know when they can come handy or when you need to fix something in your living room for instance. There are a few things which you need to buy anyhow, but if not, you can always check out here for metal industrial lathe. The following are a few tools which every household should definitely have.

  1. Drill

A drill can be used for a huge number of tasks. If you’re moving some place new, this drill can be used to draw holes in your walls for many purposes. One multipurpose drill can be enough to get you started.   

2: Wrench

Get a wrench whose jaws are adjustable for different bolts and nuts. An L shaped wrench is used to repair plumbing problems or for unjamming things.

3: Hammer

A hammer is a very important tool for your toolbox. One side of the hammer is used to remove nails and the other side is used for pounding. This tool is usually used for wood.

4: Screwdriver

A screwdriver is used frequently in every household for many tasks. For this, you need a variety of screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes.

5: Scrapper knife

These knives are used to apply spackles or for filling in cracks, removing dry paint or applying caulk. It is advisable to use two inched metal blade for better work and result.

6: Plunger

You all know what a plunger is used for. Even if you’re shifting in a house for a while you should still bring a plunger along. It is used to unclog bathrooms or a sink.

7: Pliers

This tool also needs to be bought in different shapes and sizes. For large valves and pipes get the channel lock pliers and for spaces which are tight use small needle like pliers and for cutting and stripping wires use electrician’s pliers.

8: Safety gear

These few items are what you should have for protecting yourself. Like for cleaning purposes, you should have plastic gloves and leather gloves for gardening or other dirty and nasty work. Use goggles when working with anything including glass or electric work. For protecting your ears, use ear tools while working with powerful tools and a mask to protect your face and nose.

9: Extension cord

Electric extension cords are used to improve house projects, parties which you have held outdoors and for extra lightning into any corner which looks dark.

10: A few hardware

Use a number of different hardware and make you have them in your toolbox as well as some screws so that you have it for times when you need them. You can even buy a box which has a lot of compartments in it, this way you can separate all the screws, bolts and nails and can easily find them when you have to use them.

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