What Are The Applications Of CNC Machines?

CNC machines are largely used in industries where manufacturing the parts of machinery is needed. It is so because of their ability to process almost any kind of material. Industries like aerospace, automotive, defense, oil & gas, etc., all use CNC machines directly or indirectly in their process of production. In this article, you will learn about the primary applications of CNC machines. So, if you want to know about its benefits and uses, then scroll further.


CNC machines solve the multipurpose of the manufacturers. The machine can produce almost anything as it can process all sorts of materials. Due to this reason, many manufacturers find it cost-effective. And even if they only want to process one material, they will opt to buy it for future use. It is truly a one-time investment for production. Other than this, it is widely used in the electrical industry as it works well with creating or transforming other machinery. 


CNC machining is a great extra set of hands for injection molding. It means that not only does it work with direct manufacturing, but it can also aid as a piece of indirect molding machinery. This means you can make tools of materials like aluminum or steel. If you know what you are doing with a CNC machine or if you have a basic knowledge of how to use it, you can make use of it in creating any kind of tool.

Rapid Prototyping

CNC machines are fast and effective in making or processing new machinery. Thus, saying that it supports rapid prototyping won’t be wrong. CNC application is usually robust and crisp. So, on top of being multi-purpose machinery, it also saves a lot of time/ Both these factors are cost efficient for the manufacturers.

Electrical Discharge Machining

With CNC automation, you can use EDM, also known as electrical discharge machining, in two ways. The first way is to use the electrodes method. You can do a vertical EDM with electrodes of an identical shape and size to the cavity which you want to carve out. Another technique is called wired EDM. It is the mixture of the “punch and die” method. You can use it for various kinds of die sets that are often used in plastic or metal fabrication. 

Hybrid Manufacturing

You can take production to another level with CNC machining by achieving hybrid manufacturing. In simple words, you can combine the CNC machine with a 3D printer or metal casting. As a result, you can create superior parts. You can feature holes and threads using a CNC machine in a cast or printed part.

Final Thoughts

So these are the primary applications of CNC machines. Know that these machines are greatly used in all kinds of industries that are even remotely connected with materials that need to be processed. You can do rapid productions or create hybrid tools using a CNC machine. If you are looking for a CNC machine for sale in Australia, then go and check this page out. 

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