How To Throw A 50th Birthday Party on a Small Budget

Every birthday is special in its own way, but there is something about a 50th birthday that makes it even more special. Being a milestone in anyone’s life so when a person you know is about to approach their 50th birthday, you naturally going to want to organize a party for them. Even though a birthday party don’t have to be a grand event. However, throwing a birthday party can cost even if it’s a small event. Here are few ideas that will help you save some extra cash because a birthday celebration only needs to be fun, not expensive.

Few reasonable theme Ideas for a 50th birthday party

First of all, having a relevant theme for a birthday party is very important as it adds colors to an event. For a cheap theme idea, you can look online and the internet is full of a number of affordable 50th birthday venues in Melbourne that are easy to pull. All you need to do is choose a decent theme that fits your imagination and invite a close friend to help you set it up.

A cheap and fun these idea is a “clone” theme where all guest act like the birthday person by dressing like him and acting like him. This theme is really easy to pull and extremely fun.

Invitations and Decorations

Even though it is easy to mail party invitations for a 50th birthday bash, but to save more money you can also invite people through e-mail. A properly designed e-mail invitation is just as considerate but a lot more cheaply as compare to a physical one. Get a friend to design a fancy looking e-mail and you’re good to go.

For decorations, you don’t have to buy decorative stuff from stores as they are often expensive. Try ordering decoration online. These online stores offer better rates and don’t worry about the quality of items as you’re only going to use them once. You can order things like crepe paper streamers, balloons as well as other party supplies and decorations from any online store for a dollar.

Food and Drink

In order to save on snacks, hold your party during afternoon or after evening (7 p.m.). Holding your party during afternoon or after 7 p.m. means that now you don’t have to worry about offering your guest a full dining service. You can also have a pot luck party where guest are allowed to bring their own platters and dishes.

Birthday needs to be fun not costly, and celebrating a 50th birthday should only be about making memories not spending lots of cash.

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