Routine Sunday Night Pamper at Your Home Spa Bath

After setting up a spa in your home, there will be no need of leaving the house to treat yourself. Actually, you can enjoy some of the best spa experiences from the privacy and comfort of your home. That should sound great because you just require a few beauty products and DIY tips to transform a Sunday night into a wonderful experience. After the long week of school, or anything else that fills your schedule, you have to treat yourself. These tips will help you start a relaxing night this Sunday.

Set the right mood

To make spa-like experiences, you need the right atmosphere. Turn on your favourite music; prepare a tasty beverage and light several seasonal candles. In such an atmosphere, you will completely relax and enjoy your time. If you are looking to buy a spa in Adelaide you can start your search online. The market offers them in various styles and quality.

Warm up some towels

To turn your bathroom into one of the luxurious hotels, warm up your towels. If you do not have a warmer, throw a few towels into the dryer for several minutes and wait for them to warm up. After the warm-up, you will be ready to go.

Condition your hair

After cleansing the hair, use a hair masque on your hair strands to take the conditioning treatment further. They will soften the hair and repair any dry strands in addition to maximizing the colour retention.

Exfoliate your body

As you wait for the hair masque to work, use a body brush or exfoliating mitt to exfoliate the skin. To enjoy more benefits, start on your feet and work upwards employing circular motions towards your heart. The method will stimulate your blood flow and help you shed any dead skin. In the end, you will have a glowing and radiant skin. Apply thick moisturizer after showering to restore the natural moisture barrier of your skin.

Cleanse the pores

After rinsing your hair and exfoliating the skin, get out of the shower and use a facemask. Do this step immediately after getting out of the shower because the hot steam will have opened your pores. After the pores are opened, more nutrients from the mask will penetrate deeper into your skin layers. When battling a breakout, go for the purifying clay masks. The clay will draw out the impurities and leaving your skin feeling cleansed. If you need more moisture, go for masks containing vitamin B3. Remember to read the instructions on a facemask before using it.


Now, try a pedicure. Use a pumice stone on any rough patches on your feet to buff away the dead skin. After that, apply thick cream because it will help restore the natural moisture of your skin. If possible, wrap a warm hand towel around your feet. It will facilitate the sinking of the lotion deeper into the skin. Remove the towel after a few minutes and get polish. To ensure that the colour lasts, use a base and then seal it with a topcoat.

It is now the time to rest

After polishing your toes, scrubbing your body and moisturizing your hair, it is the time to rest. Quality sleep forms part of any beauty routine. Because you will be decompressing, it is the right time to close your eyes. Enjoy your dreams

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