DIY Verandahs Design Ideas

If you are looking for new DIY cost effective verandahs designs that give your home a completely new look then you’ve come to the right place! We are sharing some of the best DIY easy yet elegant verandahs designs that look like they were designed and created by experts. Before you start to choose, your favourite design makes sure that you have the permits and licenses needed to do construction in the area. It’s essential to consider your budget, the build and style of your home, the materials you might use and the size of the verandah.

Take a look at these popular verandah designs and pick your favourite.

DIY Verandah With Curtains

A cost-effective verandah design includes curtain rods to give you that extra privacy! Setting up your very own DIY verandah is easy. Take some time off your schedule and go to your nearest hardware store to get some curtain rods, boards, nets and some decorative flowers or anything you would like.

Verandah with an Outdoor Dining Area

You can give your home backyard a bit of a facelift by building a DIY verandah with a designated dining area. You will need to purchase an unfinished wooden handrail, a dining table, waterproof tablecloth, rugs, decorative items of your choice and planters. Set up your own DIY verandah by using sail shade anchors tightly tied onto the trusses of the roof for support.

Rustic and Natural Verandah

If you want to give your verandah a new look without spending a small fortune you can use a natural rustic design that resembles the nature around you. Lush vines, redwood pergola, vegetable, or small fruit trees near the verandah gives you the perfect eco-friendly and rustic little spot to enjoy the outdoors. Add a ground fireplace to truly give your home a complete makeover with a natural verandah with handing light fixtures.

Traditional Tuscan Verandahs

Bring a small piece of Tuscany home with you by choosing this traditional Tuscan verandah design. Use brick and limestones to make the ground firm. You can use limestone or any other stone for the façade. Use trees and small bushes and shrubs to grow in the garden. With a month or so as the flowers start to bloom, you will have yourself a classic Tuscan verandah.

Diamond Verandah with exposed Patio

The diamond verandah is one of the classics, this form of veranda will cost you a small fortune. Unless you have a huge paycheck most people prefer to conduct an online sale on used products. For this verandah, you will need chandeliers, curtain rods, seats and a table.  You might need to pour over some concrete over the surface to make it strong and sustainable. Choose your favourite furniture and delicate small flowers to make your own DIY verandah at a lower cost. If you have the budget, you can use statues and paintings to be a part of your delicate and cosy verandah.

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