A Guide To Bohemian Interior Design Style

A VIBGYOR setting with texture and geometrical design in nature, that’s the trademark of bohemian style. If you are bored with that monotonic home design and looking for something colourful, vibrant and diverse in nature, the bohemian style is the one for you. The term bohemian, used in the early 1800, has evolved to the meaning is free-spirited, unconventional and carefree.

The Bohemian look is inspired by people such as artists who live an unconventional life, travellers, painters, actors etc. If you are looking for home decorating ideas to give your home a fresh and colourful look with a diverse touch, here is an easy guide on how to style your home like that.

This Style Is Big On Colour

There are no rules or standard schemes on how to choose colour while styling your home with a bohemian style. Deep bright colours, jewel tones, and earthly or natural colours, none of them on their own will qualify for the style but mix all of these, and there you have what we call a bohemian style colour pattern.

Miscellaneous Texture In Textile

Geometric pattern with different kinds of vivid textile texture is what you should look for. If you compare it to other textile textures, it would be so out of place, to begin with, but this is how bohemian style rolls and surprises everyone with its unique approach. Silks, burlap, crushed velvet, and sisal all together in one place. A mixed pattern style is longed for in this type of style.

Different Cultural Items

From Persian rugs and Cambodian Ikat to having different items representing different cultures is one of the key factors of bohemian home decor. Because it’s not monotonic in nature, you can have anything in your home. The more diverse, the better it is. You can start with different cultural furniture for your home.

Thrifted Item

It may sound doozy, but it works wonders when it’s done. Thrifted item that caught your eye. It may be small or big. If you like, you can have it in your home as decoration items from places you have been or something random that caught your eye while walking down the street. Home is where you feel nostalgic looking back at the memories. 

Enveloping Lightning

Go bright and go colourful when it comes to daily life lighting systems, but you can set a particular light to set the vibe according to you. Lanterns, candles, or table lamps have warm light with which you can never go wrong in any kind of setting.


Plants in your house, with vines or beautiful scents, brighten up the space and make it fresh and lively. Don’t overdo it but be full of it, feeling like being close to nature never hurt anybody.


Randomness can be bliss if looked at it the right way. From having one way of life to having everything you want can be a game changer within yourself. So don’t be shy to try out new things even after you feel like it might not look as you thought it would. Do it anyway because it is important enough for you. To elevate the look even more, you can add some furniture; you can buy boho furniture online and have it delivered to your house.

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