Do I Need Curtains If I Have Blinds?

Curtains and blinds have their own individual perks. People who like curtains do not put blinds, and people who like blinds do not put curtains. Therefore, it’s debatable whether or not you need to install curtains in your home if you already have blinds. So, to know the answer to this question, you will have to read this blog to the end. Moreover, as a bonus for you, we have also given insight into different ways of hanging curtains over blinds.

Do I Need Curtains If I Have Blinds?

If your question has a great emphasis on the word “need,” then the answer is no. You do not really need to put on curtains if you already have blinds. However, if the motive of your question is to ask whether you can put both blinds and curtains together or not, then the answer is yes.

Besides, curtains are always an ideal choice to decorate your house so that it can feel like home. On the contrary, blinds are good for security purposes and protect your home from harmful rays of the sun as well. Also, people have become so habitual with curtains that blinds give a feel of an incomplete look.

So, if you got your answer and want to put curtains over blinds, you should read our next section, which includes different ways of putting curtains over blinds.

Different Ways Of Hanging Curtains Over Blinds

When you were choosing blinds for your windows, you must have selected the one that matches your home’s interior. Likewise, you must keep the design or color of your blinds in mind while choosing your curtains. To help you with that following are some of the ideas that can help you pull off a decent look for your house:

Curtains For Horizontal Blinds

You can either choose a contrast combination or go for the colours that compliment each other. For instance, if you have wood-toned blinds, then any curtains with a solid colour will look absolutely stunning. Also, if you want to make your house appear bigger, you can go with the white colour. White curtains over white blinds can add depth to your space, creating an illusion of a large room.

Curtains For Roman Blinds

Roman blinds give a classy look that is very traditional. Therefore, if you have those on your windows, then you might want to be a little careful with the choice of curtains. Smooth fabric will blend with the roman blinds and might not make any difference. Choosing textured or heavily embellished curtains can tweak up the look, which can stand out.

Curtains For Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are not the best choice when it comes to the outer look. However, they are perfect if you want to control insulation and the light from coming inside. As cellular blinds are not much appealing to the eyes, you need to make up for them with curtains.

You can choose the different settings of curtains for each room. For instance, you can decorate one room with a white curtain and the other one with pink or blue, just to add variety to your home’s interior.


If you have scrolled this far, then now you must know the importance of curtains. They are not mandatory if you already have blinds, but they do help in tweaking up your home’s decor. If you are looking for the best shades for your windows, then you can get some really good quality blinds in Gold Coast. You can contact them to ask about the varieties they offer.

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