Is It Better to Hand-wash Clothes or Machine-wash Them?

Washing clothes can really be a task especially for those who work or have children. With laundry piling up and the days going by so fast, washing clothes can be a tedious task. However many of us like to just toss them in the washing machine and let them wash on their own. Is that really a good idea?

Additionally, people often complain of rips and holes or faded colours after doing their laundry. Is it because of the washing machine? Is hand-washing a better option? All of these are the questions we will address below as we will find the difference between hand-washed clothes and clothes that have been washed in the machine. However, one thing to note is that both ways of washing are correct and the final decision completely depends on your personal preference. We also believe that the way the clothes are dried also make a significant difference upon the result of the wash. For hanging clothes, always use quality laundry pegs as they will prevent tears and rips and keep your clothes safe from the wind.

A few things however to consider before engaging in this debate are that firstly, always read the washing instructions provided on the garment. This will tell you what is best for the garment itself. At times we do not realize but some clothes are not meant to be washed in the washing machine, this then leads to the colour fading and leaking or tears. Making sure that you follow the instructions will give you the best wash for your clothes and give the best result.

The key difference between the two i.e. hand-washed clothes and clothes washed in the machine is the harshness of the wash. When you wash with hands, you do not treat the fabric as harshly in comparison to what the machine does. As the machine is automated and works at a given speed, which can at times lead to much harsher treatment. However, when you hand wash clothes, the stains do not always come out the way you would want due to the inconsistency of the wash. Also when you hand wash clothes, it leads to much more water being within the clothes when left to dry as we cannot wring the clothes as well as the machine can.

The machine in this aspect works well. It is able to remove all the stains from the clothes due to the consistency of speed and the effectiveness of the detergent. It also wrings the clothes out very well which leads to the clothes drying out faster, leaving no smell within them. Another thing that is a disadvantage for machine washed clothes is that when they are washed with speed and power, the embellishments on them may fall off or the clothes might shrink, which is unlikely in hand-washed clothes.

In such a situation, one thing to remember is that there are specific detergents made for each wash and not using the correct detergent for the right type of wash may lead to bad results. Hence, it is always advisable to buy a detergent for the type of wash you personally prefer to do.

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