Swimming pools add value to homes, as long as they tick the boxes

Australian weather is usually sunny for the most part of the year, and the suburban landscapes shimmer with its backyard pools. But are swimming pools really that popular as we think? Do they actually add value to our home? Before you start thinking about investing in a pool, let’s make sure these pools are ticking all the right boxes.

The Right Fit

Before you plan on having a pool at your backyard, you need to make sure that it fits your property space properly. Plunge pools are usually preferable for more outdoorsy areas, and you need to have at least 8-10 feet space just for the pool. You can design the pool based on the color theme of your house and may even feature a cascade or a waterfall.

Using no chemicals and position it right

If you have a pool already placed in your property, it can only have value if it doesn’t have any chemicals in it. Many property owners use gravel filtration method as a substitute for using chemicals to keep the water clean and chemical-free. Also, make sure the pool is placed in a location where it has contact with direct sunlight, during morning and afternoon. If the pool is placed around a garden, it can add a feeling of nature and can elevate the value of your entire property significantly.

Regular Maintenance

A pool can only be as good as how maintained it is. Some property investors have reported that some properties in Australia have attached pools but are not worth the value they were supposed to be. The primary reason being, it was not well-maintained. You can have pool covers from Remco pool covers and protect the pool from getting dirty or contaminated.

Safety Compliance

If you are deciding to sell your property, then it must show compliance with the Australian rules and regulation. The first thing you should do is make sure the pool is registered with the NSW government to make sure it is in compliance with the safety standards of “Swimming Pools Amendments Act 201”.

After registering, the property owner receives a certificate of compliance that is needed when the property is either sold or leased to another party.

Heating System

A heating system will always add value to the pool and the property overall. This is not a mandatory element, but if you can afford it, it is worth the investment. Usually, pools are used in summers, but if a heating system is installed, it can be an excellent investment for the winter season.

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