3 Sustainability Solutions for An Eco-Friendly Office

Over the last couple of years, one thing that has become a common trend is that more and more organizations have started moving towards an eco-friendly and green environment. Several organizations have embraced new sustainable methods at their workplace. One of the leading solutions, in order to create an eco-friendly environment, is to recycle. An eco-friendly office contributes towards several benefits such as improvements in productivity, improvement in the health of staff members and it also helps create a positive ambience in the office.

All the employees should learn to identify and contribute ideas for a socially responsible environment. Sometimes it might seem like a challenge in some organizations as you will have to make each of your employees understand how to carefully recycle or dispose off waste. The most important element is to focus that everyone is willing to adapt to this change. You can also use Strata cleaning service in Perth as they have years of training in commercial property cleaning services and you won’t have to worry about your property as it will be in safe hands.

Here are five sustainability solutions for an eco-friendly office:

1) Reduce the number of prints

Try to go paperless by reducing the number of printers in the office. Staff members will be less likely to use them. The aim is to reduce the wastage of paper as in most offices a lot of paper is being used. Offer an alternative system instead of using printers such as a digital document management system.

2) Eco friendly lighting

It is important to create a healthy environment as this influence’s employee productivity, therefore, try to maximise daylight wherever possible. According to a recent study, employees who have worked near sunlit windows have shown a high level of productivity compared to others. Replace high-energy bulbs with low voltage bulbs energy-saving bulbs and LEDs. Try to incorporate policies where the employees have to make sure that if the room is not being used, then the lights of that certain place should be switched off.

3) Reuse and Recycle

You should be able to identify those factors that are leading to more wastage in your office and try to focus on eliminating them for good. Try to provide those items to your employees, which are reusable in order to avoid usage of plastic bottles and paper cups. Try to motivate your employees to cut down the use of plastic bottles altogether and bring their lunch or snacks in reusable containers to avoid any further wastage. This is really important because an average office employee uses about 400-500 disposable cups within a year. Therefore, try to reduce the use of such resources and focus on implementing eco-friendly supplies because conventional office supplies are not at all environmentally friendly.

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