Towing vs. hauling, Which do you prefer?

Planning a long camping trip around Australia, can seem like a daunting task. But we are here to inform you that with the latest features of campervans in Australia, will provide you with peace of mind and one less than hassle to worry about. Well at least you will have more time to concentrate on the planning. Let’s discuss. Once you deciding on the camper trailer, you will have to decide on the key features, ensuring that the camper trailer has the vital feature you are seeking to avoid most of the frustrations that can arise down the road.

Some people go for towable camper trailers and others for a motorized RVs. If you are among those, you should be committed to towing. Ensure that the trailer has all the right features necessary for carefree, safe towing and that demand fewer skills when it comes to the setting up. We found a company that sells camper trailers in Adelaide direct to customers, so if you are starting your trip in Adelaide be sure to look them up.

Towing vs. hauling

A garage or a rear hitch is a must-have feature if you are planning to take some outdoor furniture or recreational sports equipment with you, fifth wheelers and bumper towed are available with bikes, canoes, and tote motorized toys. Fifth wheelers, travel trailers or toy haulers come with garage areas and living quarters. Fifth wheelers offer more stability and can carry motorized jet ski, dirt bikes and comfortable living quarters.

The weight of the trailer

After deciding to tow – a bumper towed RV or fifth wheeler -, the trailer weight should be your top consideration. Check the capabilities of the towing vehicle and the amount of weight you will be hauling. Even though the market provides many light towables, consider the camper trailer weight after loaded. Remember to check the amount of cargo it can carry. Camper trailers provide adequate storage space, but your supplies might add more weight than it is built to handle.

The aerodynamic design

After settling on the issues relating to the weight, consider the design features that will make the towing easier and improve the gas mileage. Go for one featuring an aerodynamic front-end cap because it will easily cut through the wind and reduce the wind drag to improve the gas mileage. End caps that partially recreate the shape of the teardrop are more effective and will result in an aerodynamic trailer. The most recent end cap designs incorporate storage space and windows.

Towable levelling systems

Every towable, including the folding camping trailers – come with automatic levelling systems. The top-notch fifth wheelers come with hydraulic levelling systems and some other models have electric systems. Popups and small campers come with manual levelling systems that you will have to operate with your hands. The electric systems might require some help from blocks. Hydraulic levelling jacks will do all the work except in extreme cases.

The floor plan

To choose a camper trailer with the floor plan that will match your needs, consider your travel plans and your physical abilities. Fifth wheelers come in various levels and you will need to use stairs to get to the bedroom or bath. Bumper towed trailers are laid out on one level and are therefore suitable for people with mobility issues. Check the bedroom area carefully and ensure that you can sleep and stretch comfortably.

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